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How to apply for maternity leave for the 2024th birthday and what you need: instructions

Maternity leave can be issued by a woman. The basis for issuing a maternity leave is a sheet of inconvenience (e-medicine).

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its dispatches to “Diya”.

The difficulty of issuing in connection with vasculature and canopies become 126 days (70 calendar days before sunrise and 56 days after). Once the fostering of the rogue is the nationwide of the coward more than the triviality of the picolovo-lane, the zbilshchi is up to 70 days.The culprit is the Chernobyl women who can go on maternity leave at 27 years of age.

How to go on maternity leave and cancel payments

Payment of maternity leave is a one-time payment for the entire maternity period drains. You can return to cancel payments no later than six months from the date of completion of the release.

The amount of the release is covered by the accounting department of the enterprise and is deposited in two indicators in:average salary Number of calendar days of maternity leave.

Required documents:

  • applications for the designated release date;

  • < p dir="ltr">a sheet of bad luck.

Women who work for madness have the right to refuse help from the relationship with vagrancy and canopies both robot sellers.

Required documents:

  • applications with designated dates for release;

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  • a copy of the notice of failure, certified by the signature of the clerk and the seal of the main place of work;

  • < p dir="ltr">Information about income for the main purpose of work.

I guess, we previously explained how much it takes for fathers to pay off their children and how to process payments online.

RBC-Ukraine also wrote how to obtain a birth certificate online.

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