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How to arrange custody and care for a child: a message from the Ministry of Social Policy

Every child needs a homeland. In the event that she becomes an orphan or becomes deprived of her father’s nurturing, a full-time relative can take on the role of a guardian or a caretaker.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with requests for additional approval from the Ministry social policy on Facebook.

This form of family care is the most widespread in Ukraine.

The process of registering guardianship and care includes the following steps:

  • The candidate submits an application and the necessary documents through the Department or to the Service for the right children (SSD).
  • The SSD checks the submitted documents and conducts a visit to the candidate’s family to assess the minds of the residence and draws up an act.
  • The candidate undergoes training, if necessary.< /li>
  • The SSD registers the candidate and prepares the replacement.
  • The regional administration, the final authority of the municipality, village, village for the sake of and the court makes a decision on the appointment of guardianship and punishment.
  • Yaksho ditina has been in trouble at the mortgage, before registration of guardianship and pupping, she will again unite with the homeland of the guardian and pukluvalnik. If the child already lived with this family, she is simply given the status of a child over whom guardianship and care have been established.

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