• 18/06/2024 20:59

How to check for a military coupon from “Diya”: what to say from Mintsifri

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on the inclusion of the military ticket from “Diyu”. Hello, soon for everything that will not happen.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the interview with the vice-premier on digital transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, Forbes Ukraine.

” There is a lot of logic there. I can’t spoil it yet. Let’s just say that “Diya” may have a military coupon. However, most likely, there won’t be one. We are working on this project right now,” he said.

Behind these words, this food is still being analyzed. “It would be correct that the Ministry of Defense is the first to announce a new product directly,” Fedorov added.

Clarification from the press service of the Ministry of Defense

The press service of the RBC-Ukraine department clarified the minister’s words, which were not entirely clear. “Together with the MOU we are working on the issue of the military certificate. We will not be in Diya,” Fedorov was quoted as saying.

In addition, he stated that in Diya there will also be no military electronic office. “For whom a separate information system will be created on the basis of the Ministry of Defense,” the minister added.

Functions of Action

“Action” is a mobile supplement, a web portal and a brand of digital power in Ukraine, developed by the Ministry of Digital transformation of Ukraine.

Previously, Fedorov has repeatedly stated that there will be no summons for military prisoners on the “Diya” platform.

At the same time, Fedorov stated that “Diya” plans to launch online in the near future -slut.

“You can just become friends on “Diya” from the video. I'm not a spoiler, but there will be a lot of useful elements of this process. And it will also be unique for the whole world. And we shouldn't allow our people “to make friends essentially at a distance,” he said.

Also, in his words, it is planned to launch a patient’s office, “so that people can quickly retrieve information when making an appointment with a doctor, information when making an appointment with a doctor I, about recipe toscho.”

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