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How to deal with children with disabilities with their fathers: Ukrainians were given a treat

Ukrainians Dali Dali Dali Svilkavnia z-s Navalidnistya.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from messages sent to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The Ministry is pleased to replace the following phrases:

Wrong Correct
You, melodiously, feel so comfortable with your baby . Being a mother, sometimes it’s not easy for me to be with a child
Hmm, I didn’t spare you… How many fates your child? What is his/his name? Do you like to take walks in the fresh air?
That’s your lot… I guess all the children are different. Often the stench caused trouble, so we, the fathers, need to put on a window, so that the father’s property does not become a burden.
Do you have a sleepy child/child? What should a child do?
Is this illness not contagious? How can you rejoice? You are doing a wonderful job with your baby. I would like to ask you for your sake as a mother with a mother (tato with a tata)…
So you have a normal chi…? Can I help you further?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is asked to remember that the children on the Maidan may have had some problems with their development and functioning, so:

  • do not rush to criticize the child’s behavior and show respect to your fathers;
  • do not make a diagnosis for the child;
  • be careful not to ask;
  • do not say “violating the child”, give any information or contacts of the miracle worker.

The Ministry remembers that children with disabilities are children themselves, and their fathers are fathers themselves. For the sake of this discussion, the specialists gave the following:

  • choose your words, be attentive;
  • what you want to say, explain why you want to talk about it;
  • us in advance Be aware of your inner being as a person and a child, and then as a judge;
  • avoid stereotypes;
  • Vikorist from the unethical terminology (a child with Down syndrome, a child with hearing loss, a girl on a bedtime chairs, a child with a disability is different).

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