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If the e-office of the military service worker requests it, then replace it by going to the TCC

The electronic office of the military may be requested as early as this year. It will be available directly on a smartphone and through it you can update cloud data.

RBC-Ukraine reports that if you launch an e-account, you can also replace going to the territorial acquisition center (T Central Committee).

During the preparation of the material, the following was taken into account: statements by the Minister of Defense for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization Katerina Chornogorenko and this page on Facebook, an interview with a member of the Committee for National Security Fedor Ven Islavsky for NV, stated to other representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff.


  • What is the e-office and when does it request
  • How does the e-office work as in the new data
  • < li>Chi obov'yazkovo zavantazhuvat zastosunok

  • Chi accessible e-office behind the cordon
  • When is the deadline for clarification of data
  • How to replace additional travel to the TCC

What is the e-office and when do you request

Electronic account of conscripts, conscripts and reservists – for personal strengthening web service. What will be implemented through the mobile app.

E-cabinet allows you to update cloud data remotely. It is significant that from May 18, 2024, Ukrainians in the age of 18-60 goiters are required to clarify them over a period of 60 days. You can earn money through the TCC and the Administrative Service Center.

The office itself is requested literally in a few days.

“On May 18, the Ministry of Defense launches, as prescribed by law, an electronic office of the military conscript,” said Intercessor of the Minister of Defense Katerina Chornorenko.

Prote, as specified by Fedir Venislavsky, a member of the committee for the sake of national security, defense and intelligence, on May 18, the office will be launched in test mode. Through serious work, lasting 30 days, in full mode the e-office will be requested from scratch.

As of Saturday, Ukrainians will be able to update information for the TCC through the add-on.

“Elect the throne office requests from the day of gaining rank by law, and citizens will be able to renew their tributes, and will be respected by the fact that the citizen is in compliance with the law,” adding vin.

How is the current e-office and how in the new tribute

Data from the register of conscripts, military conscripts and reservists “Oberig” is pulled up to the electronic account. He has over 30 points of personal data.

“Oberig” collects information from the databases of the Federal Service, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Transport, the ship administration, the border service, etc. Apparently, the following information is available to the office:

  • PIB, date of birth, status
  • series and passport number, IPN
  • place of residence
  • family camp
  • osvita
  • place of work and other tributes

As of today, upon clarification of the data, we are first required to pay attention to your residence address, telephone number and e-mail.

Photo: cool design for e-office (facebook.com/katheryn.chernohorenko)

You can get additional content from the App Store and Google Play on smartphones based on iOS and Android. Then you need to log in using your BankID, and also fill in the required fields – phone number, email and residential address.

According to Chornogorenko’s words, the addition will be simple and natural. The remaining interface is not visible, except judging by the screenshot published on this page on Facebook, the design is similar to the “Action” app.

It’s easy to tighten the buttons

Electronic accounts are created for the skin 'language. Navigating those who either don’t want or can’t get along quickly with them. Therefore, registration in the e-office is entirely voluntary.

“This is the reliability that the power promotes. The mobile supplement is one of the ways to update data, which must be completed within 60 days from 18 May,” said Chornogorenko.

In this way, it is sense to quickly get to the office, to clarify the details remotely, do not stand in front of the TCC and avoid complicated bureaucratic procedures.

Have an accessible e-office behind the cordon

Behind the cordon for military conscripts, there are consular services. The new law on mobilization is being passed, which means they may also need to clarify their data. Without this stench, they can quickly get jobs (for example, get a passport) in the outside world.

You can earn money by telephone or by e-mail, as well as through your e-office. Ti, hto Vikhav, tie up the gesto to get up.

“I think, the elektroniy will be made by the praznate of the offensive Tizhnya after the cordon, be the smaster of Ukrainian Zho Zho, the same, saying Venti -Slaviy. .

In his words, after updating the data, the citizen of Ukraine removes the generated QR code. We are aware of those who are entitled to consular service without limitation under Wikonian law.

We also note that it will be easy to earn money, and updating your data through an addendum and issuing a QR code for a loan will cost no more than 15 dollars .

When the deadline is to clarify the data

Katerina Chornorenko sang that everyone wants to clarify the data through the e-office.

“The digital team of the Ministry of Defense is working on it to launch the supplement on May 18. For us The care of your money is important, so we pay special respect to you directly,” she said.

The Yakshcho Zavantazit Elektrony Kabіnet Pizly 18th injury, the author’s authorization is to clarity Danni up to 16 lipno, the deadline will be Dotrimani I didn’t wake up. If the military commissariat requires further clarification of any information, the person will be called with a subpoena. Subpoenas cannot be processed through the e-office.

In addition, “Oberig” has not yet exchanged data with the Ministry of Health, so information about the state of health will not reach the office. From now on, the nutritional work of the Military Medical Commission is not being carried out remotely. As before, they must be completed in person.

As it was clarified at the General Staff of the ZSU, for now there is no order to automatically send referrals to the commission to everyone who updates their data online. Such a decision is highly praised by the TCC.

Venislavsky notes that since military complaints are speeding up, the TCC sent a summons to the emergency regime or via e-office for a specific hour, when It’s important to pass the VLK.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Dmitro Lazutkin also clarified that those who have reservations for mobilization or other support can be contacted to update their data. Previously, it was reported that the 60-day standard was being extended to all military patients, except those discharged from military service. It is also necessary to demarcate the details, the remains of this status have been limited, and until the end of 2025, such individuals may again undergo a medical examination.

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