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In Brovary, the head of the RDA was in charge of the accident involving victims: all the details

At the town of Brovary, Kiev region, Friday evening, 26 October, Sunday posadovets having beaten people at a pedestrian crossing.

Read about the details of the accident in the RBC-Ukraine material below.

During the preparation of the material, RBC-Ukraine officials consulted law enforcement agencies, social security agencies, and the press -police service of the Kiev region, Telegram channel of the mayor Igor Sapozhka, Telegram channel of the head of the Kiev OVA Ruslan Kravchenko, Wikipedia.

As reported to RBC-Ukraine by law enforcement agencies – a language about the head of the Brovary RVA Volodymyr Maibozhenko. At the hour of testing for alcoholic intoxication, the Drager showed that we are not solid. Prilad showed 2.31 ppm.


  • What is known to the police
  • What is known about the victims
  • Details of the accident
  • Reaction of the authorities
  • What is known about Maybozhenko

What is known from the police

According to law enforcement officers, four individuals, including children, were injured in the accident.

“It is clear from now that the district military administration did not heed the protective signal of the traffic light and was heading towards As a result, four people suffered injuries of varying degrees. severity. There is a child among the victims,” the informed police said.

At the hour of testing Maybozhenko with a drager instead of alcohol, the water showed 2.31 ppm.

Yogo bulo was touched up in the order of Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine. Criminal offenses have been revealed for Part 2 of Art. 286 (Violation of the rules of road safety and operation of transport by persons who are in charge of transport personnel) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

What is known about the victims

As Sapozhko said, as a result of the accident, there are four people in the Brovary hospital: two young men 26 and 29 years old, one woman 32 years old and one child – girl, 2.6 years old.

The girl suffered a shoulder fracture, bruises and hematomas; the child's condition is assessed by doctors as satisfactory. The woman, the girl’s mother, and two young men have numerous bruises and fractures.

“The condition of all adults is currently assessed as moderate, but there is no threat to life. An additional examination is now being carried out, doctors are providing all the necessary medical care,” Sapozhko wrote.

Details of the accident

Around 19:40, local social media began to receive information that the nearby “Poroshinka Plant” near Brovary waters had not crossed the keruvanny, having entered a zone and a flower bed while walking.

Pizn And eyewitnesses reported that a man in a Volvo car drove past a crowd of people at a pedestrian crossing.

In the photo of the video from the scene, you can see that the culprit of the accident is in an inadequate position. According to eyewitnesses, the people wanted to do it. and lynching of him through an accident.

Vlady’s reaction

The head of the Kiev OVA, Ruslan Kravchenko, stated on his Telegram channel that Maybozhenko will be released from prison after an accident in which people were injured.

“Such behavior of a prisoner is unacceptable! I am going to the law enforcement authorities – to The shortest date term is legal I rely on an objective, prompt investigation and fair punishment of the situation under special control,” wrote Kravchenko.

The later mayor of Brovary, Igor Sapozhko, also recorded his death before the accident.

What you know about Maibozhenko

Maibozhenko was born on April 23, 1965 near the city of Kiev. In 1998, the family graduated from the Department of Political Science from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Kiev National University named after. T.G. Shevchenko.

10 November 2015 appointed as the first intercessor of the head of the Kiev regional government for the sake of the VII call

28 November 2022 appointed as the head of the Brovary regional government administration.

Scandalous TP in Ukraine

In the fall of 2023, the head of the Makarivsky District Court of the Kiev Region Oleksiy Tandir beat the National Guard soldier Vadim Bondarenok at a checkpoint near Kiev. According to the investigation, Tandir also spent time at the station of alcoholic drinking.

And the axis of leaf fall in 2023 was an accident near the Zhytomyr region on the Kiev-Chop highway. The same people's deputy from the “Batkivshchyna” Andriy Nikolaenko beat an 18-year-old girl to death.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram. < /p>

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