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In Kharkov, emergency personnel were killed during shelling: they were injured

Under the hour of shelling in Kharkov on 23 Bereznya, a soldier and a policeman were injured. The stinks were destroyed by the repeated attack of the occupiers’ drones.

RBC-Ukraine reported this through communications to the Ukrainian State Social Security Service.

So, the next night, as a result of the enemy’s UAV strike on the site, the three-surface fire began to burn and on an area of ​​150 sq.m.

“The DSNS and National Police arrived at the place immediately. During the hour, the military and law enforcement officers at the place were on the verge of a second UAV strike,” the source said.

As a result, a police officer of the DSNS and the National Police were injured.

“Two DSNS cars were also damaged,” the department stated.

At Kharkov through the shelling of the Russian Federation on 23 Bereznya, a soldier and a policeman were injured (t.me/dsns_telegram)

Shelling of Kharkov

After midnight, the Russian military carried out a terrible attack on Ukraine, violating kamikaze drones. A number of similar and central regions were struck by a wave of alarm. Zokrema, it was reported about three vibrations at Kharkov. For the third day now, the place has fallen under the blows of Russian exterminators.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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