• 13/04/2024 08:09

In Odessa, a fire broke out in a high-rise building during a drone attack

В Одессе во время дроновой атаки возник пожар в многоэтажке

Photo “Dumskaya”

On the evening of December 28, the Russians launched attack drones across the Odessa region, the debris of the downed drone damaged a high-rise building, and a fire broke out.

Source : Suspilne Odessa, publication “Dumskaya”, Chairman of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper

Literally to Suspilne : “A fire broke out in one of the high-rise buildings in Odessa, Public correspondents report. Before this, our correspondents reported on the work of air defense in the city.”

Updated at 00.04: Keeper reported that a high-rise building in Odessa was damaged by debris from a downed drone. A fire broke out.

According to him, specialists are working on the spot, information about the victims is being clarified.

He added that the attack was still ongoing and asked Odessa residents and residents of the region to take shelter.


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