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In Odessa, a training Yak-52 flew two drones

On Saturday, April 27, Defense forces in Odessa shot down two Russian reconnaissance drones.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from communications at the Operational Command “Pivden”.

“In the skies over Odeshchina there are stagnant light aircraft, in cooperation with the Defense Forces of the Pivden of Ukraine two Russian reconnaissance drones were beggared,” – to be aware.

What has changed

Today, a video appeared in Odessa telegram channels of a training Yak-52 flying at enemy drones. This year, the Ukrainian military confirmed the information that as many as two Russian reconnaissance drones had been captured. Read more about the Orlan-10 drones.

Orlan-10 is a multi-purpose unmanned aircraft system designed to monitor long-range and local objects in the highly accessible area of ​​the production of LLC “Sp” National Technology Center” . Vikoristov is the engine of internal combustion as a power plant.

Ukraine converts light aircraft into attack aircraft

The Yak-52 is not a sport aircraft, which is not armored. The very idea of ​​modernizing light aircraft into attack aircraft is not new. Ukraine is flying planes of the SkyRanger type, which are rebuilt unmanned bombers, actually like “Night Witches”, but also on modern U-2s.

A sound alternative to the Super Tucano could be the same “flying tractor” – AT-802 from the American manufacturer of agricultural aircraft Air Tractor. At the beginning of 2023, Ukraine applied for the purchase of aircraft for two days, but to no avail.

ZSU to deplete Russian equipment

Guess what, the Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region at one time acquired nine The military forces and armored vehicles of the enemy. For which kamikaze drones were used.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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