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In Odessa, they were looking for two children under the rubble. They didn't survive (updated)

Rescuers found the bodies of a brother and sister.

In Odessa, they were looking for two children under the rubble. They did not survive (updated)

Debris clearance continues in Odessa

March 3, ruins of a house in Odessa , where the Russian “martyr” ended up. They were looking for children under the rubble.

Update 19.28. At 19.18, the head of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper reported that the eight-year-old girl Zlata did not survive the Russian attack.

“Rescuers are now unblocking her and her brother Sergei's body. Inexpressible terrible grief for the Odessa region and all of Ukraine,” Kiper wrote on social networks.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, 12 people are known to have died. Among them are 5 children.

It was previously reported that rescuers, dog handlers, doctors, utility workers, and volunteers continue to eliminate the consequences of the shelling and search for victims.

Five people were rescued and received medical assistance.

Two women remain in hospitals – they are in intensive care in serious condition, and a man, whose condition doctors assess as moderate. The pregnant woman was already injured at home, she is fine.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky noted that now a total of 215 people are involved in rescue work.

“I am grateful to every volunteer who helps,” the president emphasized.

The headquarters to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy is working on site around the clock.

The Office of the President added that people are receiving all the necessary help. All issues related to heating and feeding the victims, providing them with clothing and basic necessities, psychological assistance, as well as provision of temporary housing are promptly resolved by local authorities and the OVA.

Today mourning has been declared in Odessa and the region.

Update.Subsequently, the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the two children they were looking for under the rubble were eight-year-old Zlata and nine-year-old Seryozha.

The bodies of their parents and the sisters were found.

We are talking about Oleg Vladimirovich Kravets, a serviceman of the Regional Directorate of the Territorial Defense Forces “South” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, his wife Tatyana and seven-month-old daughter Lisa.

“The search for two more children, eight-year-old Zlata and nine-year-old Seryozha, continues,” the Territorial Defense Forces noted.

Update 18.52.< /b> The Odessa OVA reported that that a boy's body was recovered from the rubble.

  • On the night of March 2, the enemy attacked Odessa UAV. The drone hit a 9-story building in a residential area of ​​the city. As a result of the hit, people were killed and eight were injured.
  • Subsequently it became known that as a result of an enemy drone attack on a high-rise building in Odessa, 10 people had already died, including a 3-year-old boy and two infants. 8 people were also injured. The adults were hospitalized, their condition is assessed as moderate.


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