• 17/04/2024 12:37

In Odessa, women may be trained to become bus drivers due to a shortage of men

There are not enough men because many have been mobilized.

In Odessa, women can be trained to become bus drivers due to a shortage of men

In Odessa, there are only 7 out of 18 drivers to work for buses that will be donated by fellow Regensburg.

The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov spoke about this, reports Public.

“We have drivers, but not in the quantity that is necessary. We agreed with our partners that if there are women, who wanted to learn and become drivers of such transport, because now there are few men – who were called up and went to defend our state,” Trukhanov said.

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He told , that in Odessa there are now ten buses from German partners, in addition, the city is negotiating with Istanbul about the transfer of such transport.

“We have schools where they teach, but both Regensburg and Berlin agreed to teach us drivers. If we launch a route, we must be sure that it will work. And if someone gets sick and the bus doesn’t leave and people don’t get to work, it will be even worse than not launching it,” Trukhanov emphasized.


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