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In one of the regions of Ukraine, schools are being sent online due to bad conditions

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RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message sent on Telegram by the head of Odesskaya OVA Oleg Kiper.

“In connection with the predicted changes in weather minds, we are concerned about preserving the health of children and the proper organization of lighting new process, 9 “And on the 10th of today we are switching to a distance format so that all institutions can study the region,” he stated, having signed a special order.

How do kindergartens and schools in Odessa and the region operate?

> In this case, in kindergartens and schools, child groups will be open, and children will be kept away from home for urgent reasons.

“If you have such a possibility, keep the children home. All these recommendations for a period of bad luck,” the head went wild OVA.

Kipper added that additional information will be given about the update of the face-to-face lighting process.

Bad weather in Ukraine

In Ukraine, as a result of bad weather, hundreds of settlements were destroyed, the worst situation is in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Also in the regions there are disruptions to public transport, and ice and strong winds have caused fallen trees, congestion and accidents.

The weather will continue to prevail in the coming days. Okrema, the situation on the roads can be significantly detrimental, since the salt and salt sum, which is used to seal the roads, for temperatures below -15, is significantly spent on their authorities, which is not possible without the urgent need to leave the house.

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