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In the occupied territories, the zagarbniki taught a propaganda lesson to schoolchildren, – CNS

Representatives of the Russian “Commission for the Protection of the Rights of Minors” held lectures at captive schools in the time-occupied territories.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on the website of the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

The activity was held for the cob school from the “9th of May” year. There, children were washed with tissues in anticipation of the ongoing war of the Kremlin against Ukraine.

In addition, children were given stationery with the symbols of the USSR and were encouraged to read the anthem of the Russian Federation. In this way, the tour crews were engaged in changing the self-identity of Ukrainian children.

The situation in the occupied territories

In the occupied territories of Ukraine, the occupiers are recruiting underage students for internships at the plant ii, where Iranian kamikaze drones Shahed are collected.

< p>Russian prison officials are forming a register of residents of occupied Mariupol. Їм хочуть заборонити проживати у місті.

Також окупанти посилили виявлення та вилов проукраїнських інформаторів у Криму.

Термінові та важливі повідомлення про війну Росії проти України читайте на каналі RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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