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In the Odessa region, law enforcement officers eliminated an international human trafficking channel

The organizer turned out to be a 56-year-old woman who recruited zhikon into labor slavery.

In the Odessa region, law enforcement officers liquidated the international human trafficking channel

In the Odessa region, the organizer of human trafficking was detained

In the Odessa region, which was organized by a 56-year-old Odessa woman, she attracted women to Romania, where they fell into labor slavery.

This was reported to the State Tax Service.

“The attacker, by deception, found women with vulnerable state and low social standard of living for working abroad, in fact, Ukrainian women fell into labor slavery,” the border guards noted.

Upon arrival in Romania, the attacker restricted the women’s movements and encouraged them to cooperate. The organizer also forced her victims to contact government authorities to apply for social benefits with refugee status. And after payments were accrued to them, she took away the documents and funds.

Means and things, seized from the organizer

“As part of criminal proceedings, law enforcement officers conducted an authorized search at the place of residence of the person involved in the case. In the households, the criminals found a number of Romanian documents for social payments to victims, mobile phones, SIM cards of different operators, Romanian bank cards and cash,” noted the State Tax Service.

Now the person involved in the criminal scheme has been detained and reported to her about suspicion under Article 149 “Human Trafficking” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In January of this year, four organizers of a criminal scheme were detained in Dnipro, holding 50 people in labor slavery under the guise of a rehabilitation center. People were recruited at IDP stations and socially. vulnerable citizens and offered them free housing and employment



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