• 23/06/2024 20:47

In the Russian Federation, a drone attacked the draft from the fire, the tank swayed and burst into flames

Near the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation, an unmanned aerial vehicle attacked a vantage line while transporting firewood near tanks. The low carriage came off the rails, became wobbly and burned.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the Russian Federation.

The incident occurred near the Kotluban station near midnight . As a result of the UAV's impact, one tank swelled and two cars with fuel caught fire. There was a spill of petroleum products on the ground and the grass caught fire.

9 cars came off the rails. The cause of the accident was officially determined to have been caused by third parties.

There were no injuries. The fire is being extinguished.

Repeated attacks in Russia

In various regions of Russia, continuous attacks by drones on critical infrastructure, as well as mysterious zhezhi.

On the night of 13 May Lipetsk the area was attacked by drones. A fire broke out at one of the power stations in the region.

Also that same night, drones attacked the Belgorod region. Damaged infrastructure and casualties have been recorded.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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