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In the Sumy region, residents of the 10-kilometer zone outside the border with the Russian Federation are advised to evacuate

In the Sumy region, through the permanent attacks of the Russian Federation, local residents are recommended to evacuate from 1 0-kilometer evacuation zone on from intensive shelling of the population of the Bilopilsk community.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the head of the Sumy regional administration Volodymyr Artyukh in the and telethon.

“Behind the proposal of the military command, medical intensity after shelling of populated areas in the Bilopil community, it was recommended to evacuate in a 10-kilometer zone,” said Artyukh

Considering that the 10-kilometer zone is expanding for all territorial border communities, Artyukh noted that last year a planned evacuation was announced for the five-kilometer zone, which included 115 settlements.

“I was fucked This work is steady. As of today, over 12.5 thousand people have been evacuated, of which about 2,000 children,” he said.

The situation in the Bilopill area

What is the matter with Bilopill, having appointed the head of the Sumy OVA, for the rest of the month , and especially this year, the enemy was hit with a lot of strikes from the RSZV, artillery, mortars, and cabs.

“The entire infrastructure is in disrepair, the main social and emergency services are in close proximity,” informs Artyukh.

Vin said that in the Defense of the region there was a We presently recommend evacuation to the population of this community.

“Preparatory visits have been carried out and today's process has proceeded according to the planned order. 28 people have left at once, among them 6 children. They need help,” said the head of the Sumy Regional Administration.

Risk of the Russian Federation's attack on Sumy region

I guess, previously the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region, Kirilo Budanov, in an interview with the NYT, stated that after the attacks on the Kharkov direct, the occupiers would take a further blow to the Sumy direct.

In addition, in his words, the occupiers planned an operation in the Sumy region, similar to the one previously carried out in the Kharkiv region.

As stated by the river officer of the Operational Tactical Grouped Army (OTUV) “Siversk” Vadim Misnik, the Sumy region is ready let's try it every time attacks of the occupiers.

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