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In Ukraine the temperature is warming up to +15: this is related to the return of frosts

The winds from the Mediterranean Sea will cause the temperature in Ukraine to rise to 15-16 degrees. The warm weather will remain until the middle of the month.

In a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, Nataliya Golenya, the deputy head of the weather forecast department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, said this in a commentary.

As Golenya said, the temperature in Ukraine is now at 4 degrees. They exceeded the norm by 7-10 degrees.

At about 8-9 p.m. there will be a slight cold snap, “literally for one day,” although the temperatures will still be positive, but at night it will be minus, she said.

It is clear that in 10 February a warm wind will come to Ukraine from the Mediterranean Sea. “The temperature rise is approximately up to 14-15 degrees,” the forecaster said.

According to the forecast of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, during this period the temperature in Kiev during the day will reach 10 degrees on Sunday, in Transcarpathia and Prikarpattia – up to 1 5-16 degrees of heat. In this case, there will be no loss of life. Then a cold wind may come to Ukraine from the evening or sunset, the weather forecaster said.

Climate change

As Shin said, high temperatures will rise in Ukraine – will often occur in the rest of the 20s iv. At the same time, the frost may still turn. “It’s obvious that there is still more birch that can be found,” she said.

Guess what, 2023 river in Kiev has become another in the rating of the warmest after 2020 due to the record-breaking warm season. The average temperature in 2023 near the capital was 10.8 degrees Celsius, which is 1.8 degrees higher than the climate norm.

According to the forecast of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, the average monthly temperature in the bitter 2024 is predicted to be 4 degrees in frost up to 2 degrees Celsius . In Kiev the situation is close to normal.

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