• 21/05/2024 12:10

Inflation in Ukraine will accelerate: experts have identified two reasons for rising prices

In 2024, stable inflation in Ukraine will be higher than in the past fate through the lower birth and growth dollar exchange rate. Breasts will accelerate to 8.5%.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine based on the consensus forecast for the month of 2024 from experts and officials, published on the Ministry of Economics website.

How is indicated in the informed, streamlining of rising prices in the first half of the rock will mainly be the source of a sufficient proposal against the effects of severe minor enemies. The official's accelerated price will eliminate the dominant effect of this official against the backdrop of the low growth rate of 2024, as well as transfer to the price effect of the weak devaluation of the hryvnia.

According to the forecast of experts, the upcoming and, once the war ends in 2024, Inflation will remain at 8.2%, and as the war continues, it will increase to 9.2%.

Prices in Ukraine

In 2023, persistent inflation in Ukraine became 5.1%, what is significant lower, lower in 2022 (26.6%).

In 2024, inflation in Ukraine fell to 3.2%, which was significantly lower than the NBU forecast. The central bank said that the change in the forecast was ensured by the dynamics of components, which may have a low-transfer nature, ahead of the prices of food products.

As stated by the NBU, the decline in prices of raw food products is due to the current factors , pouring in , most likely, will be drawn from another fate of 2024.

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