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Instructors from Denmark teach Ukrainian military in the UK

The training takes place as part of the basic combined arms training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Instructors from Denmark train Ukrainian military in the UK

Ukrainian military at exercises in the UK

Instructors from Denmark train Ukrainian military in the Ukrainian Forces in the UK. They arrived in the United Kingdom in 2023 and joined partner countries in the training program for Ukrainian recruits.

This was reported by the General Staff.

It is noted that Danish instructors conduct classes on conducting positional combat operations, in particular, they practice actions to prepare, capture and hold a position, move in battle in different ways, the procedure for maneuvering and moving from a temporary to a main firing position.

Training of Ukrainian military in the UK

Instructors from Denmark are training Ukrainian military in the UK

Training of Ukrainian military in the UK

” This training allows you to master combat skills, increase the security and operational strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that military personnel can master the necessary tactical knowledge to defend Ukraine,” – stated at the General Staff.

They also added that under their leadership, “recruits of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have become more prepared for combat conditions.”

“The Kingdom of Denmark continues to support the people of Ukraine and provides ongoing support in response to Russia’s ongoing violations of international law.” , the message says.

  • In the UK, within the framework of the multinational training operation INTERFLEX, exercises of military personnel of the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue. In particular, Ukrainian fighters, under the guidance of Australian instructors of Operation Where of the Australian Defense Force Ground Forces, are learning to practice assault operations in suburban areas, in particular storming and clearing buildings.
  • The first Ukrainian pilots to undergo intensive instructor training Royal Air Force, graduated from flying school. The 10 pilots have completed basic flight, ground and language training and “will in the future become the first line of defense, protecting the skies of Ukraine from Putin’s troops.”


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