• 13/06/2024 16:51

Internet during blackouts: how to find out the provider that works when the light is connected

More providers in Ukraine are switching to fiber-optic technologies to ensure connectivity x light. Such providers can be found on the online map.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov on Facebook.

The current map of Internet providers is available for residents of Kiev , Kiev, Lviv and Odessa regions, and then the geography expanded to cover all of Ukraine.

The map shows providers that can provide Internet access under blackout hours from 4 to 72 years.

Yak Having designated a minister, customers can check the ratings of other customers about those who use the Internet within the specified period of time.

Providers can join the online map. For this you need to write to misto@lun.ua with the subject line “Stayka Ukraine”.

The maps of Internet providers that operate during blackouts can be found by post.

The situation around the world in Ukraine

It seems likely that the Russian fire makers have begun to attack Ukraine’s energy sector again. The Russians have completely lost all thermal generation.

Apparently, in Ukraine they have often begun to introduce the use of lighting for business. However, the connection to electricity for the population has not yet been restored.

It seems likely that Ukrainians were previously told how to lose connections to the Internet during blackouts.

Terms of reference and important information about the war Read Russia versus Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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