• 18/06/2024 12:07

invaders hit Kharkov: there is a casualty

A private house was damaged, a fire broke out.

The occupiers hit Kharkov: there is a casualty

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About 3:20 Kyiv time, the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov reported on social media. The occupiers entered a private house and a fire occurred.

Information about damage to residential buildings was confirmed by the head of the Kharkov regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov. He added that Dergachi, Kharkov region, also came under attack.

In Kharkov itself, one victim was found as a result of the shelling. Specialized services are working at the scene of the impact to eliminate the consequences.

There was no official information about the nature of the attack, but monitoring groups reported a ballistic threat.


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