• 12/04/2024 10:08

Israel reveals Hamas plans to launch attacks in Europe

Israeli intelligence services said that Hamas planned to reduce attacks on Jewish people Israeli objects in Europe.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to The Times of Israel.

Following a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, the Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) The foreign security service (“Shin Bet”), in cooperation with foreign partners, was able to establish “a comprehensive picture of the terrorist activities of Hamas” in Israel and beyond its borders.”

“Including information about the plan to attack the Israeli embassy in Sweden for additional drones and a number of criminal elements in Europe,” says the source.

Hamas members in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands were arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack on Jewish targets in Europe.

Danish police said on Sunday that seven people suspected of being involved in planning a terrorist attack, which law enforcement officers captured in Denmark, have small ties to Hamas.

“The terrorist organization Hamas is inevitably and deliberately working to expand its deadly operations in Europe, and thus pose a threat to the internal security of these countries,” said the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netan. Yahoo

Israel's war with Hamas

Militants to Hamas 7 The Jews invaded Israel. Terrorists began to kill and steal both military and civilian people. Nezabar Jerusalem announced the operation “Salty Swords” and shelled the terrorists' place near the Gaza Strip.

24 leaves fell between Jerusalem and the militants began a temporary truce for the release of the prisoners, also the mediator Qatar stepped in. Already on the first day of the war, Israel was reaffirmed, through the destruction of the minds of the truce on the side of Hamas.

On the 20th, Israel introduced the Palestinians to the new truce as a term for the present day. Ale Hamas has put forward a proposal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named three plans that may be in order to end the war against the Palestinian Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

Terms and conditions important Read information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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