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Israel's attack on Iran: Serpents observed satellite images of damaged radar

Before the massive attack on Iran last night, the Israeli army damaged Isolation system at Isfahan airport .

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement to The Times of Israel.

The agency's government officials lost satellite images that showed damage after an Israeli strike on the area overnight.

Additional satellite images from the synthetic aperture radar also indicate that the target of fire was a radar station near the Isfahan airport.

Umbra synthetic aperture radar images, removed і о 0648Z 19APR2024, demonstrate the deterioration of the Iranian battery of strategic anti-aircraft guns missile systems S-300PMU2 in Isfahan from 15APR2024. The images show a damaged radar detecting target 30N6E, which is still at the stationary radar station.

At the same time, other components of the battery system were removed from the landfill. Their status and locality of the infection are unknown. A high-ranking American military official from FOX News said that “the Israelis have included those who have little intention of including.”

Photo: Chris Biggers (twitter.com/CSBiggers)

Israeli attack on Iran

On the night of the 14th century, Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel with strike drones and missiles. The targets were launched from the territory of Iran and puppets of the Iranian regime from the territory of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Most of the missiles and drones were successfully shot down by the Israeli PPO forces.

The attack was in response to Tehran's attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on the 1st quarter, just before the hour of which a fire was lost Iranian generals to the Army Corps of the Islamic Revolution.

< p>France 19th quarter the Israeli defense army launched a major attack on Iran in anticipation of a large-scale attack. The IDF fired missiles and drones into the territory of the military base and the city of Ishafan.

According to the ABC TV channel, a major Israeli strike near Isfahan targeted radar This system was part of the anti-aircraft defense system of the Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz. .

The received States did not support Israel’s plans to attack Iran in response to the recent mass shelling.

The White House and the State Department refused to comment on Israel’s missile attack on Iran.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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