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ISW experts explained how frosts change combat operations in Ukraine

The persistent frost in Ukraine is certain to complicate operations at the front, otherwise it is possible let's create a friendly environment for mechanization of maneuvers of combat operations, the ground is very frozen in the coming days.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in its communications to ISW.

The Ukrainian military means that the Russian military ska through the cold vikorists are less barraging ammunition. Also, the occupational stagnation will significantly reduce the number of drones due to the threat of freezing engines.

A Ukrainian brigade officer who lives under Bakhmut said on 10 September that the temperature at night drops to -18 degrees Celsius, due to which the special warehouse cannot be deprived at guard posts for more than a few years. In other words, the intensity of Russian attacks on Bakhmutsky has decreased, probably due to the decrease in temperature.

It is clear that low temperatures due to heavy snow may limit and maneuverability, even if the ground is frozen, paint the rukh along the intersection of terrain for the duration of today and the fierce.

ISW experts will continue to note that the Russian troops, who have fought for everything, will try to support and activate local offensive operations along the entire front line in the convergence of Ukraine, hoping to overcome and eliminate the rest The initiative is independent of the weather and the minds of the community.

ISW key concepts :

  • The Russian Federation is rotating on the operational level, singly, to allow the Russian forces to maintain the rapid pace of their localized offensive operations at the gathering of Ukraine in the near future.
  • Rechnik Verkhovno ї For the sake of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk stated on 11 September that the Verkhovna Rada encouraged the completion of the draft law on mobilization after discussions between Ukrainian legislators and the political and military authorities.
  • The Russian Black Sea Fleet can will easily compensate for the loss of basic infrastructure after the withdrawal of military and naval forces from the main Black Sea Fleet bases near Sevastopol in occupied Crimea.
  • Ukrainian and Russian armies continued positional battles along the entire front.

Previously, British intelligence learned how frost and snow stuck on fights events in Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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