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ISW experts predicted how the liberation of Crimea could lead to the end of the war

Expert ISW predicted how the liberation of Crimea could end up ending the war

At times If Ukraine returns Crimea and the occupied territories today, then three parts of the country will be left without security.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

If Ukraine turns over Crimea, defense spending and military spending will significantly decrease, and if Crimea is lost in the hands of Russia, Ukraine will be forced to continue spending significant sums on defense.

The map for 2022 assumes that Russia saves Crimea.

ISW experts predicted how Krim's exile could end up in the war

If Ukraine takes over Crimea and the territories occupied by Russia, then Kherson, Mykolayiv and Odessa will be safe, and there will be a threat Melitopol is set to decline.

Now Mariupol, according to ISW, is the only great front-line place today, which strengthens the defense of the region. Ukrainian troops need to be well prepared and mobilized.

The return of Crimea to Ukraine's control significantly reduces the risk that Russia will launch an amphibious operation to secure Ukraine. neither. The threat of Russian missile strikes on ships through the western part of the Black Sea is also changing.

Ukraine's attack on Crimea

In the time-occupied Crimea, vibugs are increasingly mooning. The Russians are getting rid of warehouses, military bases and ships.

We previously reported that the Sevastopol residents of 30 chest felt a tight bulge. The occupying “government” stated that they had recorded a test attack by a surface drone.

28 Breasts, sounds similar to vibrations were heard in Kozachoya Bay.

Also, on the late evening of 27 Breasts, a moon was heard near Sevastopol vibuhi. First, near the bay area.

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