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It's impossible to please a person. Umerov explained that there is a need to mobilize 500 thousand people

That situation on the front. At the same time, 400-500 thousand are unrealistic estimates.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its communications to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Due to security concerns, we cannot comment on the exact number of necessary Some for recruiting people to the Defense Forces. In this case, 400-500 thousand with unreasonable estimates that are being adjusted, due to the development of the field in the theater of military operations, so it is impossible to satisfy the immediate attention,” the ministry explained.

The Ministry of Defense stated that it is not concerned with the process of strengthening the armored forces, which is necessary in order for mothers to be able to withdraw from the troops who will defend the country from the early days of a large-scale invasion.

It is significant that yearly note of the American edition Financial The Times stated that the Ministry of Defense in a commentary reported that there was no law on the mobilization of direct forces to replace the 330 thousand military personnel who are at the front.

Already in the evening, the show changed the text of the material, and collected information about those that mobilization may simultaneously replace this number of military personnel at the front.

The bill on mobilization

For example, the current government has submitted a bill on mobilization to the Supreme Court for renewal, In this way it is proposed to change the order of its implementation. The first version of the document was submitted to parliament on the surface, but after a barrage of criticism it was raised.

The new bill has already passed its first reading. In addition, the parliamentary committee on national security, defense and intelligence is considering 4 thousand amendments to the bill. As stated by People's Deputy Fedir Venislavsky, most of the amendments are being discussed by graduate students and guardians of people with disabilities.

It is clear that the bill on mobilization will be reviewed by another reader And finally, it’s birch, and the parliamentary speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk stated that the terms are considered to lie due to the triviality of reviewing the edits by the committee.

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