• 22/06/2024 22:29

Japan does not plan to join the AUKUS trilateral pact

Japan, accepted at this stage, does not plan to become part of the AUKUS defense pact established Australia, Great Britain and the USA. Tokyo intends to continue close relations with the country's alliance.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports on its communications I will join US President Joe Biden at a press conference in To the White House on Wednesday, 10th quarter.

“We will earn our contribution to peace and stability in the region, we are supported by AUKUS on a permanent basis,” the head of the order said.

Kisida Noting that Japan supports bilateral and rich foreign contributions to the alliance, however, the direct coupling of Tokyo with AUKUS, however, the decision was not praised.

Comparison within the framework of the defense AUKUS

U Berez and 2023 to the fate of the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese, Great Britain, President Sunak and US President Joe Biden spoke about the ownership of the powers that are part of the AUKUS alliance, about the security of the Australian Navy with nuclear submarines.

Japanese reports wrote about those who are attached to the AUKUS alliance and at vikoristanna Japanese technologies, including for developing hypersonic warfare and enhancing the capabilities of radio-electronic warfare.

For days it was reported that the United States, Great Britain and Australia were planning to open negotiations to obtain new members before the organization ї AUKUS. Washington is relying on Japan as a factor against the growing influx of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

In the meantime, Great Britain will increase the staff of nuclear energy workers through the creation of new Aries for Britain, as well as Australia, is consistent with a security pact AUKUS.

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