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Journalist Dmitry Evchin was injured while filming a TV story in southern Ukraine

Dmitry Evchin received a shrapnel wound in the leg, the operation was successful, while he is in intensive care.

Journalist Crimea. Realities Dmitry Evchin

On the morning of January 17, the film crew of the Crimea project. Realities came under artillery shelling in the south of Ukraine.

< p>This is reported by Crimea.Realities (Radio Liberty project).

Journalist Dmitry Evchin and cameraman Nikita Isayko in the Robotino district of the Zaporozhye region came under mortar fire while filming a story.

Dmitry Evchin received a shrapnel wound in the leg.

The Ukrainian military, together with the cameraman, provided him with first aid. Then Evchin was evacuated to a stabilization point in a neighboring village, and then transported to a hospital in Zaporozhye.

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Doctors reported that the operation was successful, but Dmitry Evchin will remain there for now. in intensive care.

“In modern warfare, artillery fire without adjustment from an unmanned aerial vehicle almost never opens, so the Russian army wounded a man whose bulletproof vest had a bright inscription “PRESS” on it, guaranteeing that its owner would be under protection of international humanitarian law,” the press service of the 10th Army Corps of the Ukrainian Armed Forces commented on Evchin’s injury.

  • Last year, Ukrainian fixer Bogdan Bitik died near Kherson. He accompanied Italian journalist Corrado Zunino.
  • In December 2022, two Italian journalists said they were deliberately attacked by Russian troops in Kherson.
  • At least 25 Ukrainian journalists are being held captive in Russia .< /li>


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