• 25/04/2024 03:15

Khmelnytsky region is attacked by “martyrs”, air defense is working

Хмельнитчину атакуют

downed suicide bomber, illustrative photo from Getty Images

Air defense is operating in the Khmelnitsky region due to an attack by enemy strike drones.

Source : First Deputy Head of the Khmelnytsky Regional Air Force Sergei Tyurin on Facebook, Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Details : Tyurin reported about enemy attack UAVs in the Khmelnitsky region.

Later he wrote that air defense forces were working in the Khmelnitsky region.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that enemy attack UAVs had entered the Khmelnitsky region and were approaching Starokonstantinov.

What preceded : On Sunday evening, Russian troops attack Ukraine with attack drones from the south.


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