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Killing “Shahedi”. What do you know about Skynex software in Ukraine?

Nimechina handed over to Ukraine another Skynex anti-aircraft artillery complex. Let's talk about a system that can shoot down a swarm of drones, as well as fight against missiles, without sacrificing expensive resources.

For more details about the Skynex software systems, their features and characteristics, read the RBC-Ukraine material below what .

During the preparation of the material, we consulted: the website of the defense concern Rheinmetall, Defense Express, “Military”, ArmyInform, wikipedia.


  • What is known about this software: characteristics, design
  • Skynex in Ukraine

What you know about this software: characteristics produced by

Skynex is an anti-aircraft artillery complex developed and manufactured by the Rheinmetall company. This PPO system is quite new, and was introduced in November 2021.

Skynex is intended to be a short-range anti-aircraft defense system based on the German Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns. The main equipment is the 35-mm automatic gun Oerlikon Mk3, which has an effective firing range of 4000 meters and a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per round. A harmonic module is equipped with an X-band radar, which provides the function of autonomous target search.

This system has demonstrated its ability to destroy a large number of airborne drones (in tests, Skynex was able to destroy a number of eight small UAVs). Skynex is programmed with 35mm ammunition programmed under AHEAD, developed by Rheinmetall, which is significantly cheaper for anti-aircraft systems with ceramic missiles. This ammunition is not subject to electronic protection during the fire hour.

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Photo: Germany transfers Skynex to Ukraine for software enhancement (skynex rheinmetall com)

Skynex includes the Oerlikon Skymaster command and control system, a universal command and control solution, which significantly expands the capabilities of ground-based anti-aircraft defense. The search and determination of the purpose will be completed automatically according to the installed processor of the fire. The system can be used for remote monitoring from any location.

The ammunition load includes high-explosive fragmentation and armor-piercing shells. Zokrem's deputy commanders will receive fragmentation ammunition with AHEAD-type programming. It is confirmed that such shells significantly increase the efficiency of fire and reduce the wastage of ammunition, especially when attacking folding small-sized and maneuverable targets.

Compared with other software, Skynex has an important advantage: at that time , what is the price per rocket for IRIS -T cost between 300,000 and 500,000 euros, the reduction of the total cost of Skynex can cost around 4,000 euros. If you build the complex itself, it will cost 90.5 million dollars.

In addition, the functionality of this complex allows the development of not only kamikaze drones, but also winged missiles. And also – separate the target from a single command center as an element of a unified anti-anti-anti-anti-defense system.

Skynex in Ukraine

Back in 2022, it became known that the Rheinmetall company would produce two Skynex anti-aircraft artillery systems for an unnamed country. The same German serpents wrote to Dzherel that they were talking about Ukraine. Despite the fact that the installation of systems was planned for the beginning of 2024, in the beginning of 2023 Prime Minister Denis Shmigal stated that Skynex is already on the battlefield of the wind-swept expanse of Ukraine. As it happened, the first battery of the anti-aircraft artillery complex was delivered to the country, prepared with the help of Rheinmetall Italia, and paid for by the Nimeccini order. This supply was paid for under a contract for 160 million dollars.

It is likely that yesterday Germany updated the list of military aid to Ukraine, which included armored vehicles, ammunition, and anti-aircraft artillery Iysky complex Skynex.

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