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Latvia wants to develop new tools to combat circumvention of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Latvia wants to lift the existing sanctions of the European Union against Russia, vikory and tools like the one used for pinning illegal financing.

Paulis Ilyenkovs, the deputy director of the Latvian financial intelligence service, has stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports via Bloomberg.

“The Baltic countries are among the most Criticism of the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine. They wanted to control the flow of trade from the EU to the extremes of Central Asia, and now the goods are being transported in the end bag to Russia,” writes the story.

Now we will move to the Latvian language financial intelligence department, its mandate to expand From the investigation of financial crimes to the control of trade sanctions. Agency will be:

  • freeze assets that belong to individuals who are under sanctions;
  • create bullets of information about the exchange;
  • publish lists of frozen assets;
  • encourage a secretly accessible search system for organizations and people who are threatened by EU sanctions.

What to say in Latvia

“Tools that have been introduced into the financial sector can also be used for the correct implementation of sanctions,” said Il Enkovs.

The financial intelligence department launched new tools after a series of financial scandals, closing down another large bank in Latvia, which the US Treasury blamed on the money it had stolen from 2018.

For the rest of the time, respect was also devoted to calls to block the transit of Russian grain and manganese ore. Here you can foresee the certainty that Latvia has decided to stop trading.

Russia continues to circumvent sanctions

Recently Politico wrote that they do not care about sanctions because of Russian oil, the aggressor country in 2023 earned 1 billion euros from the purchase of the European Union union.

ZMI also reported that the Italian company Beretta still imports fire armor into Russia through a subsidiary of the company of the fire baron Mikhail Khubutia.

And in the Czech Republic they stated that about Russian intelligence services , as previously active in Europe, they help circumvent the sanctions of the European Union.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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