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Latvian Foreign Ministry: Even if Ukraine liberates its territory, the Russian threat to Europe will remain

МИД Латвии: Даже если Украина освободит свою территорию, угроза РФ для Европы останется

Krisjanis Karins, photo: Getty Images

Latvian Foreign Minister Krisjanis Karins said that even if Ukraine liberates all the conquered territories, the military threat to Europe from Russia will remain.

Source : “European Truth” with reference to Delfi

Direct speech : “The Russian government is unable to improve the well-being of its population. All cards are staked on finding an external enemy and cultivating the idea that the collapse of the USSR was the greatest evil. Therefore, it is necessary to return the lost territories with interest. It’s sad that this is not the Kremlin’s war – “It has become a Russian-backed war. Russia is advancing with imperialist expansion and continues to be a threat to Europe.”

Details : According to the politician, as soon as the war in Ukraine ends, the threat will begin to grow – Russia will continue to rebuild its armed forces.

The minister noted that the existence of the Russian government is based on imperialist ambitions.

Karins suggested that talk about the possible defeat of Ukraine or the loss of its individual territories and the victory of Russia is intended to motivate Western countries and societies to prevent such a scenario. According to the Foreign Minister, a victory in Ukraine in the eyes of the Kremlin would be confirmation that its policy was correct – it is possible to attack neighboring countries and benefit from it.

“This is therefore unacceptable. This is an attack not only on Ukraine and Europe. This is an attack on the order established after the Second World War, in which the rule of law, not force, plays a key role,” the foreign minister said.

He said that European countries that are members of NATO increasingly need to take care of their security. The Baltic countries are consistently investing in their defense and security, and this makes the job of the foreign minister and prime minister easier in conversations with partners about the need to increase investment in security.

Let us remind you :

  • Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics believes that Moscow may begin aggression against the countries of NATO's eastern flank in the future if it perceives the outcome of the war in Ukraine as its victory.
  • The President of the Czech Republic called on the West not to weaken its support for Ukraine, otherwise next year will be more favorable for Russia.


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