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London has begun collecting recyclable cars for transfer to Ukraine

London began to collect cars that do not meet the standards of the capital ї zones of low yields (Ulez) . They will be sent to Ukraine in order to support the humanitarian and medical needs of the country.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via the Financial Times.

As part of the initiative Transport for London, British-Ukrainian Aid (Bua) and the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​participants in the Ulez recycling program can donate their car in exchange for the same amount that they would otherwise take.

Cars will be used to transport vulnerable groups of the population, medical personnel and additional assistance. The scheme will be open to all London residents, small businesses and charities that produce regular cars, in their opinion.

The London measure saw £210 million and for the recycling program, within which the owners of cars can recycle up to 2 thousand pounds sterling, and motorcycles – 1 thousand pounds sterling. Owners of cars with sidecars can claim 10 thousand pounds sterling for disposal or 6 thousand pounds sterling for modernization.

The London Swedish Emergency Service is also donating 50 decommissioned Swedish Emergency Vehicles to Ukraine. Although these cars do not require payment for travel to Ulez, they are present during the process of removal from the operation of the cars, which does not correspond to the requirements.

Cars for Ukraine

In the middle of this year, a law on the confiscation of cars with Russian license plates came into effect in Latvia. Confiscated cars of Russians will be transferred to the needs of Ukraine.

Before this, Latvia transferred to Ukraine cars that were taken from the rocky waters. In total, the country has already sent over 270 such vehicles to Ukraine. According to data for mid-2023, the total value of confiscated cars was estimated at around 1 million euros.

Lithuania planned to transfer confiscated Russian cars to Ukraine. The head of the Seimas Committee for National Security and Defense of Lithuania, Laurynas Kasciunas, stated that Russians are waiting an hour before the middle of the summer to bring their cars from the country.

Terms and important information about the war in Russia Read against Ukraine at RBC-Ukraine channels on Telegram.

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