• 18/04/2024 16:19

Lukashenko flew to Putin and threatens Ukraine with “collapse”

Лукашенко прилетел к Путину и угрожает Украине

Lukashenko and Putin December 25, photo: first pool

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during a visit to Russia that “there will be a collapse” if the war does not end in 2024.

Source: Lukashenko in St. Petersburg, quoted by Belta

Details: Lukashenko was asked, “is there a chance that a decision will be made on Ukraine next year?”

Lukashenko’s direct speech : “I think this is the best chance. We will somehow work more closely with them so that they understand that this is the only chance.

If they don't use it, there will be a complete collapse…

The pressure is already very strong. You probably noticed from Zelensky’s press conference that he is beginning to understand.”


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