• 18/04/2024 20:31

Mayor of Kharkov: thermal power plants and all transformer substations were destroyed in the city

The city uses stabilization shutdown schedules.

Mayor of Kharkov: thermal power plants and all transformer substations have been destroyed in the city

Due to Russian shelling, thermal power plants and all transformers have been destroyed in Kharkov. Energy workers cannot provide a stable power supply throughout the city.

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, announced this during a telethon, writes Economic Pravda.

He clarified that the exact date for the complete restoration of power supply . it is impossible to report in the entire city.

Electricity supplies have been resumed in approximately 40% of Kharkiv residents' houses, heating has been restored in 60% of houses, and almost everyone has water supply.

Stabilization outage schedules are applied in the city .

  • Earlier, Ukrenergo stated that the Russian missile attack on the morning of March 22 was carried out in different regions of Ukraine – at thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants, as well as at main substations controlled by the enterprise.
  • < li> On March 23, 275 thousand consumers remained without electricity in Kharkov and the region, while power supply was restored to 440 thousand consumers.

  • On March 24, hourly electricity restrictions were introduced in Kharkov for 200 thousand subscribers.


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