• 26/05/2024 08:13

Media: Ukraine “could cross” Putin’s red nuclear line

In Mordovia, drones attacked the Container over-the-horizon radar, which is part of the Russian Federation's early nuclear warning system.

Media: Ukraine "could cross" Putin's nuclear red line

Container radar

An attack by Ukrainian drones on the radio engineering center of a military unit in Russian Mordovia may be regarded by the Kremlin as a violation of Russian nuclear “red lines” weapons. Newsweek writes about this.

The attempt to damage the Container over-the-horizon locator, which is part of the Russian Federation's reconnaissance and early warning system about an aerospace threat, allegedly falls under one of the clauses of Putin's 2020 decree, which defined scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons. We are talking about “thwarting the response by nuclear forces,” as it was formulated by the dictator.

Currently, the extent of the damage caused by the UAV attack on the Russian radar facility is still being assessed. Previously, the building of a command post in the Mordovian city of Kovilkino was destroyed.

  • Ukrainskaya Pravda reported about the “Container” attack by the Main Intelligence Directorate. The radar is located 680 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.


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