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Mer Kharkov named the legacy of the Russians’ night attack on the city

| 28 bereznya.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel by the Mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov.

According to the words of the Mayor of Kharkov, the occupiers hit the Kiev district of the city.

“Pid “The Kievsky district appeared with a blow. The restaurant was destroyed, the judge's office was broken,” he wrote.

Missky's head informed that in the place of the blow, the emergency services were working. According to previous data, there are no casualties or casualties.

Russian strikes on Kharkov

On the night of February 28, Russians launched drones on Kharkov. The place had at least two vibrations.

Within a year, the Russian army hit the place again.

Also on the 27th day of Birth, the Russian army hit Kharkov. Residents of the place felt the vibrations.

Later it became clear that the Russians hit the residential area and the Institute of Emergency Surgery. As a result of the shelling, there were casualties and injuries.

According to the words of the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov, the terrorists attacked the place with ceramic-coated UMPB D-30 ammunition, which can be launched either from a flyer or from the Smerch missile launcher.

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