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Military instructors from the Russian Federation arrived in Niger to please Putin’s junta, – ZMI

Before Nigeria, a coup d'état took place and the junta seized power in the country, arrived Russian military instructors are immediately out of possession.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via correspondence to Reuters.

Footage of the arrival of the Russian military on the plane, fascinated by the military possessions, was broadcast by the state TV station to Niger RTN yesterday at Thursday. It is noted that the flight from the Russian Federation to this African region is already on Wednesday.

Also, the RTN television station, reporting on the arrival of Russians to Niger, was sent to please the junta and dictator Volodymyr Putin. until the strengthening of trade between countries.< /p>

On the television station, footage of a military vantage flyer was broadcast, which had aroused the chaos, and people in uniform stood on the guard.

“We are here to start the Nigerian army… (and) to develop the military tradition between Russia and Niger,” said one of the men in camouflage uniform, who, according to RTN, was one of the instructors.

قال تلفزيون #النيجر الرسمي في تقرير أن بلاده مجهزة بأحدث منظوم ” April 10, 2024 #نيا مي مع “pic.twitter.com/V5o” aAp1qy7

— صــــــــلاح (@mafihachk) April 11, 2024

RTN also reported that the Russian Federation was about to install an anti-drug system in Nigeria.

Sovereign coup in Nigeria

Guess what, at the end of 2023, the death of the President of Nigeria Mohamed Bazoum was ruled by a coup. The head of the state was taken from the guarantors and they voiced about the fall of the ruler. After giving his new head to Niger, the leader of the presidential guard, Abdurakhman Chiani, voted for himself.

Several African countries were ready to send their troops to invade Niger in order to force a coup.

When Why did the junta call France to Nigeria? with troops stationed in the lower regions of Western Africa using the method of “military intervention”. They also called on the French authorities to call the ambassador from the country.

In addition, in the beginning of 2024, the Nigerian junta severed the military agreement with the United States. Previously, last month, The Wall Street Journal wrote about those that the United States called Nigeria for preparations to give Iran access to local uranium deposits.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on RBC-Ukraine channels on Telegram.

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