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Military transport flights of the Russian Federation are a legitimate goal for the ZSU, – Permanent Representative to the UN

Ukraine was not informed about the transfer of its troops to the Il-76 aircraft, having realized the disaster Belgorod region. This fact will be confirmed when we hear about people first being conquered by Russia as a human shield to cover the transportation of ammunition that is running around Ukrainian places.

This was stated by the intercessor of the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Khristina Gayovyshyn, reports RBC-Ukraine, who was sent to a meeting for the sake of UN Security on the 25th.

Vona guessed that over the past year Russia has intensified missile attacks on the territory ї Kharkiv region, heritage which resulted in massive casualties and injuries among civilians.

Hayovyshyn connected the attacks with an increased number of military transport aircraft, including the Il-76, which will continue to fly to the Be airfield in the remaining hours lcity.

“Looking at the situation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to use approaches due to the reduction of delivery methods, as well as control the open space to eliminate the terrorist threat, focusing on the Belgorod-Kharkiv direct line. about the laws of war, military-transport flights of the Russian armored forces The Federation is a legitimate military cause,” she said.

The permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN also guessed that 24 years ago there would be an exchange of military personnel between Ukraine and Russia, but nothing happened. Behind these words, the Ukrainian side made its demand – the Russian army troops were promptly delivered to the right place and were transferred to the homeless for exchange.

“Russia can hardly guarantee such a very high safety of the military servicemen of Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian side is not “I was informed about the need to maintain the safety of the windy expanse near Belgorod during this period, as this has happened more than once in the past,” said Gayovyshyn.

She also noted that Ukraine was not informed about the number of transport methods, routes and methods of transporting captives. I noted that you can already testify about the clever actions of Russia to create threats to the life and safety of their captives.

“As information about those on board the aircraft there were Ukrainian military insurgencies, and It will be confirmed that this will be the first episode of Russia's destruction of the living a shield in the wind to cover the transportation of missiles for their further attack against peaceful Ukrainian places,” the representative of Ukraine to the UN said.

Il-76 crash near the Belgorod region

On 24 September, a Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 crashed in the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region. Dzherela RBC-Ukraine reports that the ship was transporting missiles for the S-300 air defense system.

However, the Russian Federation confirms that 65 soldiers, 6 crew members and 3 escorts were on the flight. Moscow is calling Ukraine in a downed plane.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense confirmed that plans for the exchange of troops are valid for 24 days. However, they did not confirm the information of the Russian Federation about the presence of Ukrainian troops in the flight.

The SBU destroyed the criminal investigation into the fact of the disaster. The investigation concerns Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of laws and war).

Russia called for the 25th meeting for the sake of UN Security through the plane crash, at the hour of which it was planning to transfer to Kiev in Incident liability.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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