• 17/04/2024 15:24

Missile strike on Mykolayiv: police showed the first footage after the attack

Russian terrorism resulted from a fierce missile attack on Mykolayiv in the past. The legacy of the attack was injury, death and injury. The police showed the first footage after the enemy shelling.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through a message on Telegram from the first intercessor of the Chief of the Patrol Police Department, Oleksiy Biloshitsky.

“Today's lies, nearly 6:00, The occupiers hit one of the residential areas of the city with missiles. For the treatment of the illness, emergency services ordered the evacuation of residents from their houses and provided the necessary pre-medical assistance to those injured. We also ensured the uninterrupted collapse of special vehicles and the garden or the place is coming,” wrote Biloshitsky.

As a result of the strike near Mykolayiv, there were injuries and deaths. The work of special services is worrying.

Missile attack on Mykolaiv

Vrancia On the 7th century, Mikolaiv was attacked by rockets and Shaheds. The impact resulted in damage to two locations – the private residential sector and the infrastructure facility. The first one has dozens of budinks.

The rocket hit the road, and a great virus was unleashed. Vibukhova damaged the buildings.

As a result of the impact on the territory of the infrastructure facility, the fire burned, which was later localized.

There was also damage to gas and water lines.

Read terminology and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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