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“More than 24 thousand requests per second”: the Ministry of Digital Development explained why “Action” had a glitch

“Action” withstood all attacks and blackouts, and will withstand subsequent national selections and peak loads.”

The failure in the “Action” application during voting in the national selection for the international song contest “Eurovision 2024” is due to the inability of the registries to process a large flow of requests.

This was reported by the head of development of electronic services of the Ministry of Digital Development Mstislav Banik .

“More than 24 thousand requests per second, thousands of comments on YouTube and social networks, dozens of funny memes from professionals and beginners – all this is about “Action” and the national selection for Eurovision on February 3. What happened? Truly a record load for the entire period of operation of the mobile more than when they voted at the national selection last year than when they applied for the Covid thousand or generated certificates with “Action.Signature”. Therefore, many found themselves in line to cast a vote,” he wrote on Facebook.


Banik recalled that “Action” does not store personal data, but when entering the survey, it sends a request to the registry and checks citizenship and age.

As a result, the registry was unable to process a large flow, so an artificial queue with answers appeared. which led to the failure of the survey to be reflected to users.

“Have we scaled or not? Naturally, as usual. 5 times the maximum. Have we carried out loading tests? Of course. But the current national selection has given 30 times more workload” , – noted Banik.

He assured that experts have already “analyzed everything that is happening, rebuilt and adapted.”

“Today we will monitor everything until the end of the voting and keep our finger on the pulse. We will draw conclusions for the future. “Action” steadfastly withstood all attacks and blackouts, will withstand subsequent national selections and peak loads,” he summed up.

What happened to the “Action” application

  • On Saturday, February 3, the national selection for Eurovision took place -2024″. After the performances of all the finalists, the presenters announced the start of the audience voting, which this year is taking place in “Action”. But due to the large number of simultaneous visitors, the application crashed.
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology – Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said that the number of users in “Action” was a record in history project – 15 thousand per second instead of 800 in routine mode.
  • In this regard, the voting was extended for a day, and the announcement of the winners will take place live on February 4 after 19:00.
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