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Moscow's living building is burning: the meshkans were evacuated

Moscow has burned down a living cabin. The same was assigned a promotional rank.

RBC-Ukraine reports this.

When preparing the material, Wikoristan dzherela: Telegram channels SHOT, MASH, BAZA, TASS and MNS of Russia.< /em>

“The burning of a residential six-surface booth on Leningradsky Prospekt in the Aeroport metro area near Moscow. The fire was assigned the third rank of collapsibility from fifth to fifth. Residents were evacuated,” the Dzherela reported.

The Ministry of Taxes and Taxes stated that the borrowing area will be 4000 square meters.

“In Moscow, the area of ​​the fire has increased to 4,000 square meters. Evacuation of residents is being carried out in the area. Before the fire was eliminated, over 130 firefighters and 41 units of equipment were sent, 2 helicopters were sent Ka-32 Moscow Aviation Center.” – they informed the Ministry of Taxes and Taxes.

Merezha has a photo of the fire extinguished by the Ka-32 helicopter.

Photo: extinguisher burned by the Ka-32 helicopter (t.me/shot_shot/62314)< /p>

The Moscow Department of Transport reported about the border between the street Chernyakhovsky Street.

“The road along Chernyakhovsky Street in Moscow near the Aeroport metro station is blocked due to a massive fire,” the Department of Transport reported.

It also became known about collapse of the mountain in the burning booth.

“Collapse of the mountain has begun to burn in the evening of Moscow, the operational services reported,” the TASS Telegram channel reported.

The ryatuvalniks will continue to chew liquidity and burn.

Fire in Russia

Earlier we wrote that 8 severe vibrations occurred on a gas pipeline in the Perm region of the Russian Federation. The fire broke out, and there were casualties.

Before speaking, a fire broke out in Bilgorod for 7 years at the plant of reinforced concrete structures. The Russians announced an “arrival.”

Likewise, the fire in a warehouse near the Sverdlovsk region of Russia has become widespread today.

Read terminology and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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