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NATO has chosen “red lines” for Ukraine's entry into the war with the Russian Federation, – ZMI

NATO confidentially and unofficially identified two “red lines” ї”, for which we can directly hand Alliance for the war in Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine writes about this from the post on Repubblica.

As evidenced by the data, at the moment there are no operational plans for transferring troops to Ukraine, and The description of the “red line” needs to be seen only in the context of an assessment of possible plans for emergency situations, such as the war in Ukraine on third parties.

First “red line”

First “red line” “Inia” is focused on the variants of direct and mediated the participation of a third party, for example, in case of a possible leak at the southern entrance of Ukraine. As they say, “this would create a corridor between Ukraine and Belarus.”

“A tactful option was recently learned by a large number of allied analysts. Todi Minsk would be immediately involved in the war. Its military arsenal would be of utmost importance for Moscow. And this situation could only intensify and defense for the sake of Ukraine,” says the statistics.

Another “red line”

There is a concern about military provocation against the Baltics and Poland or a direct attack on Moldova.

“This is not necessarily an invasion, as they may be expected to do after an attack on Odessa, or simply a military strike in order to verify the reaction of Zakhod,” say the journalists.

Zokrema, but it may be difficult to verify the establishment of NATO aguvati” in the phase of possible confusion.” Here, according to the statistics, it is an election season for Europe and the United States, which “may irritate the Kremlin to think that NATO is willing, but the Alliance does not want to put up with such aggression.”

NATO and the war in Ukraine

At the outset, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg did not include that the war in Ukraine could be fatal.

In this case, in his words, there are two scenarios – NATO allies can give their assistance to Ukraine and the ZSU can turn their backs more territories, otherwise “the situation in Ukraine may become even more precarious.”

At its own expense, the GUR named the terms for which Russia might seek the Baltic regions. According to the thought of the representative of the Ukrainian intelligence service, Vadim Skibitsky, for whom the Russian army will have to endure life. And there is a whole decade left to react to NATO.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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