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Near Kiev there was a fire among rich people on the surface: the reason was unknown

In Vishgorod near Kiev, the rich people on the surface began to feel the heat. The reason turned out to be unusual – the power bank, which is standing on the charger, is most likely to blame.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a message to the DSNS of the Kiev region.

So, 31 breasts at 15:34 before promptly – the dispatch service of the Vishgorod district received a notification about the fire in the apartment on the 17th version of the 20th surface residential building near the Vishgorod metro station on the street. Kurguzova.

“Upon arrival, at the hour of reconnaissance, a woman was found in a smoky apartment, she was taken out into the fresh air and handed over to the Swedish Medical Aid doctors. After which she was hospitalized to the district hospital “, – go in confidence.

The cars blocked the passage with the rioters' cars

The difficulty of the traffic jam was due to the fact that the way to the booth was constantly blocked by the parked cars of the locals.

“The rioters had to spend expensive money i hvilini, abi “Please clear the way”, – it is indicated in the DSNS.

The cause of the fire

Upon previous information, the cause of the fire was the fire of a power bank, which was standing on charge in one of the rooms.

I'm sure it was liquidated at 16:05. The liquidation involved 18 special personnel and five pieces of equipment.

As reported, in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev, the 26th chest began to burn in one of the apartments in the rich area. As a result, people died.

In addition, the Kiev region began to burn after a night attack by kamikaze drones. The fire burned at the critical infrastructure site of 31 breasts.

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