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Near the Vinnytsia region, the sediments fell from a 10-meter height into a quarry. Є victim

Two pillows fell from a height of 10 meters near an inactive granite quarry and in the Vinnytsia region.< /p>

about the cereal of RBC-Ukrainian, to the DSNS at VINNIKIYKII.

yak Rospovili at Vіdomniy, 18:24 Monday, 1 KVITYA, WISISED OF THE CHA 'er the pads fell. The incident took place outside the village of Maryanivka, Gaysinsky district, on the territory of a granite quarry, which is no longer alive.

Arriving at the place, the guards said that one of the boys had independently chosen from pasta. We were transferred to the emergency medical aid team.

Unfortunately, as a result of the fall, another, 17-year-old junior, died on the spot due to injuries.

DSNS fighters who arrived at the call, For help, they went to the scene of the tragedy and brought the dead boy to the shore.

Photo: near the Vinnytsia region, the pods fell from a 10-meter height into a pit ер (t.me/dsns_telegram)

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that in the Kirovograd region, two children drowned in the 20th century: one boy died.

Terminovy ​​and important information about Iinu Russia against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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