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Negotiate peace talks between Israel and Hamas. Blinken arrived again before the Close

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the beginning of the war between Israel and the battle Hamas officials are visiting the Close Gathering . It appears that the diplomat has already become friends with the late Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via correspondence to Reuters.

Blinken and the prince discussed regional coordination to bring an end to the crisis in Israel. During the negotiations, the US Secretary of State spoke of the importance of the urgent humanitarian needs of the Gaza Strip and the prevention of further widespread conflict.

The proposal about the outbreak of fire was conveyed to Hamas last year by the Qatari and Egyptian authorities nicknames, checks for confirmation from the militants, apparently Do you want to cancel additional guarantees, which means the end of a thousand-year war.

The high-ranking US leader told journalists on the hour-long flight to the capital of Saudi Arabia that the ball is now on the Hamas side: “It is impossible to say whether we will break through or when we will break through.”

It appears that Blinken is the same pragne Enlist the support of US plans to ensure that after the truce: the renewal and management of the Gazi Strip, the creation of a Palestinian state, as well as the normalization of relations between the Arab countries and Israel.

What was conveyed o

Previously It was reported that the Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken, is preparing to withdraw from Israel very soon. This will mark the beginning of the war between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

At the beginning of today, Blinken is about to visit Israel, having determined that there will be a surge in “steady” news about Israel. what strikes, how to destroy or in humanitarian objects , or lead to the death of a great number of civilians. Recently, the United States and Israel have established a negotiation channel to discuss the details of the incidents in the Gaza Strip.

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