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New law on mobilization: what to get to the army of wives

New law on mobilization in Ukraine, which will be announced on May 18, 2024 , actually do not take revenge I'll soon call the women into service. Other categories of actions may still be called up to the army.

RBC-Ukraine reports on those who pass Law 3633-IX.


  • Mobilization of wives: what the new law conveys
  • The military uniform for medical wives
  • Who among medical wives does not allow for mobilization
  • Washrooms for women then you can't Mobilize
  • Basic service and advanced training for women
  • How will you be able to mobilize your wives in the future?

Mobilization of wives: what the new law conveys

The new law on mobilization is to avenge the minds of which Ukrainian women may be drafted into the army. Important clarification – only for a voluntary year. Then it is not possible to mobilize them with Primus.

Okrem, Article 1 of the Law “On Military Obligation and Military Service” is added. Apparently before her, military duty is imposed on women who, before serving in the health department, acquired a medical or pharmaceutical specialty.

Women with a specialty and/or a profession combined with a military-regional specialty designated by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine can voluntarily join the field.

Women who stand in ійсківіківіка, they may be called up to the army or recruited to work Due to the security of the defense of Ukraine, they are no longer voluntarily in wartime. At the time of peace – the contract for military service and the military reserve are also voluntary.

Under this, gender jealousy is prescribed. Once the women have finished their military service in military ambushes with men, they are then recruited for service under a contract and are called up to serve.

Military service for female doctors

From the 1st of 2023 to the date of Ukrainian medical service personal and pharmaceutical The illumination is of little importance to the appearance of the TCC. As explained in the Ministry of Health, this does not mean mobilization, as it is only necessary to confirm data about the reserve of doctors in Ukraine.

Significantly, the norm about the military appearance of medical women has been in place since 1992. Apparently, before it, those who meet the age-old (up to 60 years) and medical criteria for service (as determined by the Military Medical Commission) are eligible.

I also explained the past fate about what medical women can expect from I'm approaching the hour of war. It is also important to stand on everyone’s face.

And the diversity of specialties and professions, after the removal of some women, may be relevant to the whole world:

  • physical therapy, medical and psychological rehabilitation, public health, physical rehabilitation, industrial pharmacy, sanitation and examination
  • dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical diagnostic technologies and medicine
  • biomedical engineering, biotechnology and bioengineering
  • professionals of pathology, toxicology, pharmacology ї, physiology and epidemiology

With the latest shift, confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, you can check the instructions.

Who among the female doctors does not encourage mobilization

Female doctors who have become conscripts are not eligible for mobilization if they are booked or found unavailable immediately before serving in the health camp (for up to 6 months).

Navi after the year Mobilization is not extended to those who have:

  • three or more children under 18 years of age
  • a child with a disability (up to 18 and 23 years of age must be included in the group)
  • < li>a child younger than 18 years of age is adopted

  • as a medical woman herself takes care of the child (children) up to 18 years of age or is occupied with constant supervision

Reception for those who are unable to mobilize

Female military service members may be released through the presence of a child(ren) under 18 years of age. And also in connection with vacancy and permission to look after a child for up to 3 days (up to 6 days if necessary, as determined by a medical professional).

In addition, they will not be able to mobilize:

  • for being a child under the age of 18, since the person is still serving
  • recognized as unfit for health and age
  • single mother
  • Find a child with a disability
  • friends with a disability of the 1st or 2nd group
  • friends with disability group III (loss of the end, hands, feet, legs, one of the male organs, oncology or mental health)
  • those who have one of their parents with disability chi II group or ti, y one of the father's parents has a disability of group I or II (as there are no more medical conditions that can keep an eye on them);
  • how close relatives died or died without stay on war
  • because close relatives were given the title “Hero of Ukraine”

Reservations for work, higher education, full-time education, doctoral studies and international studies do not apply to the prize.

Basic service and legal training for women

New law on the mobilization of cash lines service in Ukraine, but will also provide the base, which may be issued from 1st Versny 2025 rock. The war period will last for 3 months, and those who have passed will not be called up for mobilization until the 25th birthday.

Attendants of healthy individuals who have reached 18 years of age are sent to such service, and individuals who have not reached the 25th century. In this case, residents can reduce the risk of completing basic service up to 24 years. Women can only do such service voluntarily. In this case, it is impossible to disturb them.

In addition, in settings of greater awareness of all forms of power, basic legal training (as a supplement to discipline) will be introduced. Women go through the same process.

Will you be able to mobilize women from the future?

The Times published a publication that reported that the number of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is 7.3% (about 46 thousand), which is significantly less than in the armies of most NATO countries. With less than a tenth of a share, battlefields are completed, carried out by doctors and administrators.

The gender nutritionist of the commander of the Ground Forces, Oksana Grigorieva, said that Ukraine may end the old-fashioned mentality of women and switch to an Israeli license before conscription. In these words, it is necessary to prepare for the near future that even women will be mobilized.

“Our Constitution seems to be the duty of every Ukrainian to protect the fatherland, so it would be right, since women will serve… Our everyday life has never been known before. For hundreds of years, the stench has attacked us more than once. Like Israel, we may be ready for this, which means that it is necessary to start guarding the women to prevent the stench. Are you ready for war,” she said won.

A lot of snakes were given as a result by those who in Ukraine are preparing Primus mobilization of women. The Center for the Prevention of Disinformation at the RNBO stated that this food is not worth the money. There is a law that prevents mobilization and does not transfer the mobilization of women. This nutrition is not relevant today and is not considered by the authorities.

“Women can be mobilized to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, including voluntarily. Otherwise, there are no plans,” the CPD added.

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