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New rules. What changes is the draft law on mobilization being prepared for Ukrainians: the current draft

The new bill on mobilization is already registered in parliament. The Cabinet of Ministers submitted the document to the 30th day after further examination.

RBC-Ukraine has become familiar with the text and has drawn up its main points.

All the specified norms, imposed in the text, will remain in order as soon as possible accept the bill. The full text can be found on the Radi website.


  • Mobilization since 25 years.
  • Viyskov after liberation from full – permit for 90 days.
  • When leaving the cordon, you will receive a military-regional document with a notice about being taken into military service or being released from military service.
  • Communities will be required to and register your electronic account Viyskovozobov'yazany and undergo a honey survey.
  • Retirement from military service is possible in connection with the completed line of service – during the period of continuous service during the military period lasting 36 months.

Exchange of rights

Prompt to enter article 283 -2 Code of Administrative Judiciary – On the right, behind the animals of the territorial center, there is staffing and social support. Thus, following the application of the TCC for a citizen, the following exchanges can be introduced:

  • exchanges with the right to travel outside Ukraine,
  • exchanges with the right of transport means,
  • seizure of property and other valuables.

Thus, in case of unconfirmed military conscription, the police are unable to carry out administrative duties and delivery of military convicts and reservists for 15 days to the TCC, the TCC kerivnik extends 5 days overpowers your mail and in electronic form, you can contact us about your mailing .

If a citizen for 10 days has not completed the prescribed bond or failed to show up to the TCC (a foreign diplomatic territory of Ukraine), then the TCC will be brought to court for a timely exchange at the right of travel beyond the borders of Ukraine, at the right of Ukraine car, consignment note on koshti .


When the subpoena about the call to the TCC is released, a huge number of requests will appear at the designated place and lines. The summons includes:

  • the name of the father and the birth date of the citizen to whom the summons is addressed;
  • the name of the TCC that received the summons;
  • meta call;
  • designated place, day and time of appearance for the call;
  • signature (electronic digital signature) of the person who received (formulated) the summons;
  • registration number of the summons;
  • explanation about the history of failure to appear and about the obligation to inform about the reasons for failure to appear.

For residents who independently arrived at the TCC and continue to prepare for the preparation, the hour of appearance before the TCC is set two months from the day of passing the VLK.

A summons may be issued sent through the recruiter's electronic account.

Important reasons for the non-appearance of the giant at the lines, meanings at the story, є:

  • a change of spontaneous nature, illness, a foreign aggressor or other circumstances that prevented his ability to arrive;
  • death of a close relative (father, friend (person), child, relative, brother, sister, grandfather, woman) or close relative of your squad (person).

During the period of mobilization, citizens of Ukraine from 18 to 60 years of age who were in the military service or discharged (disconnected) from the military service, due to maternal diseases while in the military service – regional document. At the hour of verification of documents, a representative of the TCC or a policeman can take photos and videos of the process of presenting and verifying documents.

Addendum to the summons

The summons will not be extended, please close:

  • booked;
  • individuals with disabilities;
  • women and men who have three or more children in the morning until the age of 18, in addition to those who may be involved in the payment of elements;
  • < li>women and people who have a child (children) until the age of 18, when another of the fathers of such children (children) died, abrogation of father's rights, knowledge of unknown or unknown daily, votes let's die;
  • women and men , for the treatment of sick children and children with disabilities up to the age of 18;
  • adoptive parents in the morning for children who, at the time of adoption, were orphans or children of an abandoned father wish you all the best;
  • are busy constantly looking after the sick squad (person), child, and also their fathers;
  • guardian of an individual declared unlicensed by the court;
  • members of the family of the first stage of the dispute (no more than one) of an individual with a disability of I or II groups, will take constant care of her;
  • women and men who take care of their children (children) during their lifetime
  • up to 18 years and a man (squad) who performs military service;
  • officials of ministries and their intercessors, officials of state bodies, state government bodies, the jurisdiction of which extends to the entire territory of Ukraine;
  • people's deputies of Ukraine, deputies of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
  • court di;
  • medical officers of the Ministry of Defense, ZSU, State Special Transport Service, State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, SBU, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, National Guard, DPSU, Directorate of the State Defense Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • students who begin their daily work in a dual form and gain a thorough understanding of what is ahead of their development, as well as doctoral candidates and individuals enrolled in pre-internships, scientists, teachers, women and men, whose loved ones relatives died or went missing during the ATO period and during the current withdrawal from ensuring national security and defense,
  • do not apply to the call for two years from the day of military service, military personnel who underwent military service under the legal regime of the military state and were released from service in reserve from the order Let's complete the service line. Also, do not call upon military personnel after discharge.


Armor is required by military personnel who work or serve:

  • category “A” officials, heads of regional, district, regional councils, rural, village, town heads – all military doctors;
  • officials of category “B”, “C”, who work in the bodies of local self-government – up to 50% of military doctors;
  • in the National Police, NABU, DBR, prosecutorial authorities, SEB, DSNS, Ship Security Service, in courts, other authorities and institutions of the justice system and pre-trial investigation bodies, patronage services except for military criminal cases;
  • in the field revenge, in installations and organizations that have installed mobility systems;
  • in enterprises, installations and organizations that are critical for the functioning of the economy and the safety of livelihoods and the population during a special period.

Bazova Zagalnovyskova preparation

Basic training is carried out for the citizens of Ukraine to obtain a military-regional specialty. Such training is carried out among you as an initial discipline for men (women – voluntarily).

Men from 18 to 24 years of age, inclusive, undergo basic military service. The service price can be reversed independently. The following line is given to conscripts, such as:

  • recognized as being temporarily unfit for health;
  • begin in schools, technical schools, vocational schools in full-time or dual form of education, in internships and doctoral studies (the extension is given until the achievement of a special 24-year century);
  • were chosen as a secondary republic, in which they are allowed to undergo basic military training (secondary training is not given during military service);
  • they have the right to be discharged from military service through family settings.

Ukrainians behind the cordon

Consular assistance at the overseas diplomatic states of Ukraine in the minds of the military camp of the Ukrainian community people aged 18 to 60 years, including conscripts, military conscripts or reservists, may to be rejected for the absence of military-regional documents .

Exclusion – registration of confirmation of an individual to return to Ukraine; consular assistance for his children, as the other father is a foreigner; registration of the spadshchina; assistance to persons under arrest.

Registration of a passport for a citizen of Ukraine and a foreign passport outside the borders of Ukraine for citizens of Ukraine of human status between 18 and 60 years of age are involved in the understanding of the Ukrainian region Your documents.

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