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New rules. What should Ukrainians expect from the great bill on mobilization?

New bill on mobilization in Ukraine of registrations from Radya late in the evening 25 piles Nya. Now the parliamentarians are working on it, in front of the committees and voting in two reading rooms.

RBC-Ukraine looked into the main innovations of the new bill and brought the draft down.

Let’s note that the text of the draft law is available to parliament on the website, which is not discussed at all. After praising the document, the law will gain rank in a month, in addition to other parts.

Also, amid the innovation of the new bill:

  • change of the conscription period from 27 to 25 years,
  • military personnel after completion – 90 days of leave,
  • earnings before entering the recruiting service for administrative service centers, employment centers and recruiting centers,
  • basic military service for OS Ib vid 18 to 25 roki
  • basic legal preparation, which is included before the initial plans of all forms of power as a backbone of initial discipline.

Among the new importance of rural, settlement, town glads now, for now:

  • security of organization of conscription
  • security in the territory of populated areas under the supervision of the personal primary military service of conscripts,
  • notification and security of arrival of citizens, which happens before the end of the military service mobilization, technology collection points and military units,
  • ensured planning and implementation of mobile training, mobilization and demobilization on the territory of the main population centers.

Summons by e-mail

The news about the call to the TCC has been removed once again Show up at your assigned place and lines. What does the story have to say:

  • name, name after father’s name and birthday
  • name of the TCC, after seeing the story
  • meta call
  • month, day and hour of appearance for the call
  • signature (electronic digital signature) of the person who received (formulated) the summons
  • registration number of the summons
  • explanation about the history of failure to appear and about the obligation to inform about the reasons for failure to appear.
  • li>

The summons can be served by: wherever

  • at the local TCC – representatives of the TCC
  • for where you live – representatives of the TCC or police;
  • at work – representatives of the TCC, a worker or a policeman;
  • in urban areas – representatives of the TCC or police.

!!! A notice about the call to the TCC can be sent to the citizen through the electronic account of a conscript, military conscript, or reservist, or by email.

For important reasons, the non-arrival of the report is a change in nature, illness, death of a close relative.

At the time of mobilization, citizens of Ukraine from 18 to 60 years old who are in military service or have been discharged from it are required to carry a military registration document and present it for a representative of the TCC or a policeman. During the verification of documents, a representative of the TCC or a policeman can take photographs and video recordings and obtain access to the register of conscripts.


Right to add-on may be posted:

  • reserved,
  • women and men with three or more children under 18,
  • women and people who independently raise a child (children) up to 18 years of age,
  • individuals with disabilities of the 1st group, or who raise a squad (people) and some of the parents Ib with disability I or II groups
  • women and men who take care of a child (children) until 18 years of age and a man (squad) who perform military service,
  • women on maternity leave until 3 years of age (if necessary – up to 6),
  • vaginal women,
  • people's deputies and deputies of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

For the sake of students, I would like to call for the new bill not to delay the acquisition of professional (vocational-technical), favoy and other things that are subject to daily or dual forms of education. and get a thorough understanding of what is more than previously acquired in one specialty (fahom) .

Recruitment for service

At the time of military service, contract service for individuals from 18 to 25 will become one job.

Submissions for reconciliation for service services for military personnel for prizes, zokrema:

  • discharged
  • recruited as a people's deputy, deputy of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  • completed line of service – at the time of continuous service under the hour of war I will become a stretcher 36 months.

Mobilized people are called up for services, in the following cases:

  • when the border line is reached in military service,
  • for health,
  • on the basis of the VLK notice of ineligibility for military service (possibly with re-examination after 6-12 months),
  • for the evidence of disability of the 1st or 2nd group,
  • in connection with the acquisition of legal force the accused in the court, which ordered punishment in the form of a loss of will or a loss of will,
  • through family proceedings,
  • in connection with the conduct of organizational visits to the intelligence authorities of Ukraine,
  • in the connection with the full length,
  • in the connection with the shortened states,
  • In connection with the newly elected People's Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy of the Supreme Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  • In connection with the completed line of service – from the time of non-stop service during the war period for 36 months.

Military oblast and exchange

The bill states that a military oblast document in electronic form will be formed for every conscript, military conscript and reservist. When tsomuThe norm is turned off, which means that the military image of the Ukrainian citizens, who live peacefully behind the cordon, is not maintained.

In addition, it is imperative that conscripts, military conscripts and reservists who left their place of residence, within seven days from the date of taking on the military service of higher education, should be assigned to the military service for in a moment of reboot.

Another proposition – those who have committed crimes against the foundations of national security, as well as the crimes referred to in Articles 401 – 414, 426 – 433, may be called up for military service. , 436, 437 – 442 KKU.

Ukrainians beyond the cordon

Consular services at the overseas diplomatic states of Ukraine for Ukrainians-people aged 18 to 60 years, including conscripts, military conscripts or reservists, military personnel Concern for the integrity of military-regional documents . The consulate checks the validity of military documents. The culprit is the preparation of documents for returning to Ukraine, assistance to children, registration of property, serving on applications for those who have threatened, in case of threat to the life and health of a citizen.

In the minds of the military camp, the registration of a Ukrainian and a foreign passport outside the cordon for the citizens of Ukraine of human status from 18 to 60 years of age is to act for the appearance of their military-regional documents .

Exchanges for fighters

Based on the propositions, fighters should be entered into the Unified Register of Fighters, and the following exchanges should be added to them:

    < li>fence for entry beyond the cordon,
  • fence for carrying out operations with a ruined and indestructible lane,
  • exchange to the right of keruvannya by an authoritative transport means and the removal of certified water,
  • exchange of the right to property and disposal of funds and other valuables,
  • as defined in the loan agreement, provisions of the agreement,
  • suppressed withdrawal of benefits and services from the state.

Such restrictions are accepted by the TCC kerivnik prior to the inclusion of military conscripts from the Unified Register of Labor Workers.

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