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Night attack on Ukraine. The Military Forces talked about the work of the PPO

On the night of the 15th, Russian firemen attacked Ukraine for the fourth time. The anti-aircraft defense forces have lost 13 missiles out of 26 that were launched by the Russians.

RBC-Ukraine reports this by sending a message to the Defense Forces ZSU in Telegram.

“On the night of February 15, 2024, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine with air-based missiles Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55, sea-based missiles “Caliber”, ballistic missiles “Iskander-M”/KN-23, anti-aircraft ceramic missiles S- 300, with ceramic X-59 aircraft missiles,” according to a friend.

This means that the launches of 26 missiles of various types were recorded, and the following:

  • 12 missiles X-101/X-555/X-55 from aircraft strategic aviation T-95ms (Engels);
  • six ballistic missiles “Iskander-M”/KN-23 (Voronezk region);
  • two winged missiles “Caliber” (Novorosiysk, Russian Federation );
  • two armored aircraft missiles X-59 (TOT Zaporizhzhya region, Kursk region, Russian Federation);
  • two anti-aircraft missiles S-300 (Belgorod region, Russian Federation).

Thus, the forces and special forces of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and Defense Forces lost 13 missiles of various types. Zokrema:

  • all missiles X-101/X-555/X-55;
  • one ballistic missile “Iskander-M”/KN-23;
  • two winged missiles “Caliber”;
  • two ceramic-coated aircraft missiles X-59.

Attack on Ukraine on the 15th

Russian zagarbniks in the night of the 15th fell a massive attack on Ukraine is planned. Vibukhas lurked in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kiev, Kiev and Poltava regions.

Near Lvov, a rocket arrival was recorded near the city limits. The occupiers sent over 10 missiles to the region. In addition, two people were injured as a result of the attack.

There were also casualties in Zaporizhzhia, Mirgorod and more. The report is in the material.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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